Senior Spring 2016

This is my final post from my classes in high school. This is a mashup of many photos that I’ve taken this spring. I have some pictures of Concord, some fire from my fire pit, my best friend, and our recent trip to Boston. I wanted to do a final big post to represent all that I’ve come to in high school, like meeting my best friend, exploring Concord and Boston, and playing with fire. I’ll miss being in school every day with my friends and I’m excited for all the new things that I will get to shoot in my future.



This is a small project that we did in our hometown of Concord, Ma. I decided to go to The Old North Bridge which is someplace I’ve gone to since I’ve been little.

Cats & Belle

I was bored so I decided to experiment with taking photos of my cats and dog’s eyes. It was a little more difficult than I had imagined but these are the few that came out fairly well. I edited some and played around with the color and other effects for some. Especially with the one of my cat with the green eye because his eye is actually yellow but I messed with the color and made it the green and I thought it looked pretty cool.

Big Little Things


For this project I wanted to focus on little things and make them big. I decided to use a macro lens, which isn’t my typical style, and to find small things in nature and man-made objects. I found this to be sort of difficult in the end because it isn’t my usual style so trying to find the right vision for it took me awhile. I decided to shoot in the woods and around the school to find what I wanted to use. All in all this was an interesting new project for me and I like the way it came out in the end.


For this assignment we had to create a story. I decided to shoot a story that could be put into a magazine. Fashion photography isn’t usually my first choice when deciding what to do for a project, but this time I decided that I wanted to try something new. I do like to shoot portraiture but I’ve never tried to do anything involving fashion and people.

The main focus in these photos is the boots. I tried to make the boots not be the center of every photo but also still try to make them part of the focus in each shot. The photo of the subject on the bridge really brings this through because the subject is in focus as well as the boots and she stands out as well as the boots. Overall, this project was a success because my vision and story really came across in the photos.

Boston Adventures: Part II

For class we went on a field trip into Boston. This was a good opportunity for us all to be able to have a new place to photograph. I have been there before last year for the same field trip, but we went to different parts last year. I liked how there is such a wide range of topics to shoot every time I go there. This year I was able to get whole new variety of photos than I did last year.

I wanted to shoot a lot of people and that was my goal going into it, but then I started to really like shooting architecture. I was using my wide angle lens and I liked the distortion that it created with the buildings so I kept trying different types of buildings and different angles of the buildings to get variety among my architecture photos. I ended up really liking how my whole series came out because it’s much different from what I previously was always shooting when I go to Boston. Among the architecture shooting I also was still able to get my general style shots of people and dogs. Overall I think that this series is one of my best ones from Boston.

Into The Woods

During April Break I decided that I was getting too bored just sitting around my house all day so I decided to take a trip into the woods. I wasn’t expecting to get many amazing shots or anything but I wanted to capture the color in the woods. Unfortunately, when I went it was a little overcast so there wasn’t too much color to see, but it also created this new feeling of the woods and I feel that it allowed me to have a different perspective in how I was shooting to create the mood of the woods in the photos. I feel that the photos in this collection create a story of the feeling of that day.